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GIS and Mapping

At E-Sense Technologies Ltd, we have an array of vastly experienced Geospatial Application Developers and analysts that consistently deliver world-class Location-intelligent solutions using products from ESRI, MapInfo, Open Source, etc. Our solutions are applied in areas such as:

  • Infrastructure Planning
  • City Planning
  • Land Information System
  • Planning for sustainable development
  • Environmental Analysis and Modeling
  • Waste Management
  • Traffic Modeling
  • Public Health
  • Demographic Analysis and Modeling
  • Asset Management
  • Remote Sensing
  • Hydrological Modeling and flood analysis

Our applications can be used to support utility service providers. Some of our applications cover areas such as:

  • Pipeline Routing Analysis for Water Distribution
  • Electricity Transmission Line Planning and Management
  • Telecommunication Infrastructure Planning
  • Energy Demand Analysis
  • Asset Management
  • Energy Models
  • Creation of Customer Database and Consumer Indexing
  • Site ANalysis for Location

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