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GIS for Power

From cable route planning to Energy demand analysis, our application is the perfect tool for the power sector. The solution can be applied across the power/energy spectrum, from Generation to Distribution.

The application has modules to manage all assets effectively, allowing engineers to view status of asset, allow stakeholders to have an accurate overview of the power sector so as to aid investment decision, equip the decision makers in the ministry with the right information for decision support and strategic planning, etc. It combines the excellent visual capabilities of GIS and that of a robust database to serve maps in an intelligent and interactive manner via web browsers. Complex queries can be easily generated, spooling results such as energy infrastructure maps, generation capacity of each power station, status of assets, spatial distribution of assets, grid distribution, etc.

In Generation, using the app, decision makers can easily perform site analysis to help them choose the best location for a new plant, manage existing generating plants, ensure compliance monitoring, monitor environmental variables, etc.  In transmission, this is also an invaluable tool, allowing transmission Engineers to perform tasks such as route planning, compliance monitoring (e.g. right of way), Network Analysis, etc. In Distribution, it is also very useful, allowing personnel to map critical infrastructure, model distribution and energy demand, manage assets, etc.

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